Sunday, December 9, 2012


            The names Medy. At 13th December I will be turn out to 17 years old.  Some people might say, at this age is the adolescence phase and yet is true indeed. This is the phase when the world is turning up side down, as it wants. And we, the teenagers, have been through all the things, which we never imagine. Because this phase is when we are in unstable condition about who we are and what we wanted to be when we have grown up.
            Most teenagers have to struggle with their adolescence, because somehow it insists them grow so fast instead they want to slow things down. They want to enjoy their life while they can, make fun with their friends, feel free about themselves without all risks and responsibilities to take, and that’s why it ends them grow up late. When they supposed to be an adult, they still have a child side inside them. And they are blocked by it. The adolescence is frightening, they think.
            I ever asked what is the meaning of the adolescence phase is to my friend whom I think he has adult thoughts than anyone. He said to me that the adolescence is just the phase when we’re trying to find what we really are. In fact they have to pass this. For examples, to fall in love, to explore new things, handle some teenage problems and they must to solve it. And everybody is ever through all of that. Half of them are enjoying it and always take every lesson from it. And the rest just do not care about it.
And I can not agree more with what he said. His thought made me think that the fact that adolescence is a greatest part of somebody’s life. So here’s the thing, spend your worthy time as you don’t live for another day. Adolescence phase is the time when we fall, we stumble, we cry, we fear, we explore, we struggle, we learn, we see, we imagine, we laugh, we hate, we keep, we relax, we excluded, we fight, we hear, we love, we play, we feel, and the important thing about this phase is the time when we grow. So take the risks, get some troubles, fall in love a lot, take some chances, accept all the mistakes that have been made, have fun much as you like, explore all the things you could fine, because when the time is finally arrive and we’re finally be an adult, we would know what exactly what kind of person we are and what we definitely want to do in the future. Adolescence is just one big walking pimple anyway, as what Carol Burnett said.

Just because I do what I do doesn't mean I escaped adolescence, all the bumps and bruises that go along with it. – Anna Quin

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