Saturday, July 21, 2012

Betmen Rock My Day

Feel exhausted. Now my bones are like, crack on all sides. But really, yesterday was epic day of my life. Umm, sort of. I never spent my day with both my family & friends at the same time. And felt good about it. Although the weather was hot as hell.

I and a friend of mine was watching movie in cinema. We watched The Dark Knight Rises. The movie? awesome. When the movie ended I was all like, amazed by it. Batman is always really worth watching. I started to think that Christian Bale the guy who played to be Bruce Wayne is such an attractive person. Hihi.
I bought something too, we did window-shopping.
A hat with raccoon tail attached at the back like those of the hunter's and two CDs. I don't have any idea what hat it is. My thought is that hat is usually wore by a person for hunting on such a cold weather.
It's silly, isn't it? It looks a lot like a real raccoon. Well spending a lot of money for unnecessary things is, you could say, my ability. But the rest, I indeed had so much fun. Spend two and a half hours to sit and watch Batman is already paid off after all.

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