Thursday, July 19, 2012

This is the third times I made blog, again (the last ones was deleted). And this is the second times I typed the exact words as those right before this sentence. I think it's nice to start all over again. Because, really, other blogs I deleted was the worst of all. Then here it is, I proudly presents you my blog, Untold & Unspoken. I hope you like this one or just fine with it. And it would be glad if you leave a comment for my post, di follow apalagi heheh.

Fyi the last post is my creation. I really don't know what is that, maybe kinda like a poetry or dramatic writings. Well I just typed every word that popped out of my head. Voila! I created Another in Summer. Actually I got inspirations from a book--The Wolves of Mercy Falls series, the first one, Shiver by Maggie Stiefvater. I read it in a novel translation not the first edition.
That is an amazing book I've ever read. I really fond the two main characters. Grace and Sam. What an extraordinary love story. Although the plot is rather out of place, like magic and werewolf thingy. Because there is no any reasons to convince me to believe the story unless the trust itself. But overall I really like it. 

Anyway this is so late at night. And I've been yawning couple times while typing this. I should probably go to sleep rite now. So, goodnight.
Have a good sleep everyone.

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